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SPApress Influencer is an agency that acts as a matchmaker for blogs and businesses. We support collaborations in influencer marketing, give consultations on the handling of new media and develop successful concepts for blog and social media campaigns.

Our huge networks allows us to find the matching face/blogger for every client and brand.

SPApress Influencer advises bloggers with their positioning in the media and coordinates their collaborations.

SPApress PR was founded 1994 and specialties as a boutique PR-agency for hospitality and wellbeing/beauty. We develop successful communication concepts for national and international clients. In 2017 we added a new area of influencer management / blogger Relations.

SPApress has a network of leading digital influencers from the worlds of travel, beauty, spa-wellness, lifestyle, to ensure a wide reach across various social media channels or to implement targeted campaigns for your corporation/product with the matching bloggers/influencers.

We work across all networks. Campaigns will only be implemented if they are a perfect match for both sides - blogger and business.